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There is much mis-information about firearm transfers.

The truth is listed below. If you decide to use a FFL to ship, you
will be paying 2 transfer fees, one on either end, and that's fine as long as you know
that you can ship them yourself.

Federal Law requires that all modern firearms be shipped to a holder of a valid
Federal Firearms License (FFL) only. The recipient must have an FFL; however the
sender is not required to have one. Any person who is legally allowed to own a firearm is legally allowed to ship it to an FFL holder for any legal purpose (including
sale or resale).

"An unlicensed individual may transfer

firearms directly to FFL's operating in any state"

taken from this publication:

ATF P 5300.21

January 2013

When you come in to do your transfer there will be a backround check done.

See the link below for official ATF regulations.

TRANSFERS.pdf  [164.84K]